using different header images for different languages

Is there a possibility how I can establish different headers for different languages in the travelify theme with the Polylang plugin.

Polylang had the following idea:
Some themes (Twenty Twelve, Responsive…) use the builtin WordPress custom header image. That’s a nice feature, but what if you include text in this header image? You will need one image per language! It is very easy to obtain thanks to the wpml-config.xml file.

Step 1: create a directory ‘polylang’ in ‘wp-content’ (this is a place where you can store Polylang cutomizations which will not be overwritten when updating Polylang).

Step 2: Copy paste the following code in a file called ‘wpml-config.xml’ that you upload in your ‘wp-content/polylang’ directory:
<key name=‘theme_mods_twentytwelve’>
<key name=‘header_image’ />

You need to replace twentytwelve by the name of your theme (in fact the name of your theme directory)

Step 3: Set an header image in ‘Appearance -> Header’

Step 4: Go to Settings -> Languages -> Strings translations. You can now choose one header image url per language!

Unfortunately this is not working with travelify (neither with just the “logo” header nor with the customized header). It shows me a header-string option in the polylang language menu but it doesnt matter what URL I track for my 2nd language it just shows my standard header.

chouby from polylang said the following regarding the issue:
“The “key name” lines are not the same. Yes, you can ask to the theme author how to get them. The following link can help the developer to get how the wpml-config.xml file works: The WPML language configuration file | Polylang