Using Slider Revolution with Travelify

I have used Travelify to create a blog- and that works flawlessly. Except when I tried to make it multi linguistic. I am using Polylang, and that works fine except for the Home page slider. I want this to open language specific posts which the build in slider can not. So I purchased Slider Revolution to handle this. And that works, except I cannot create a WP “Static Front Page Plus Blog” (static page with slider, recent posts below). The slider shows up in the static part, but no blog entries below. Is there anything in the theme that prevents this, and if so, how can I prevent it from doing that?

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We do not have Slider Revolution bundled with the theme so we are a bit limited in that regard.

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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The Norwegian (main) homepage is:
I have now set it to use Rev. Slider. (Normally I use the theme slider since I have not solved the Post problem)
I was thinking the theme might overrule WP standard functionality for “Static Front Page Plus Blog” so that was the reason I do not get posts on front page.
I have attached setup below.

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Sorry but you cant use static page and blog page same time on one page, you have to choose for your homepage static page where you can place slider and not dynamic page elements or you can set it to the blog page and that page will be built dynamically from the blog posts archive, on this page you can use slider revolution, this is not theme related, this is how WordPress works