Using Tab key to navigate website


We have been building some ADA compliant website and have been having to add menus on pages that served as the top menu item above the navigation dropdown because the tab key when used to navigate the website does not go through the drop-down menus.

Is there something I am missing that would allow a person to navigate through the website including the navigation dropdown menu items?


Hi Bill,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The information provided on the following pages will help you make your WordPress site ADA compliant.

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We have been very happy with the Sparkling theme.

I have built a number of ADA websites and it really comes down to how they are built then needing extra plugins and stuff,

Sparkling does everything you need to be ADA compliant when using WCAG standards. The one area that is weak is the keyboard navigation.

Is there a reason you would not think it would work or is it not possible to navigate the theme using the keyboard?

To achieve this we need to develop some custom code. The Sparkling theme is not Accessibility ready yet according to WordPress standards but will make it ASAP.


If we have code ideas and suggestions, would you be interested in them? We have a good idea on a direction to go with it and a few work-arounds until it happens…

If so, how would you like us to send you the scripts to help out? Do we email or just mark as private reply?


You can contribute to the theme here