v1.2.8 rec actions, install failed

I have 4 recommended actions. all report “installation failed” (see screen shot).
the widget import also says the site won’t support parts of the widgets.
How do I address/solve this problem?

Hello again, I’ve address the portfolio and testimonial errors. My “recommended actions” page tells me I have a few plugins to install. I click install and active, and it says installation failed. However, when I go to my installed plugins - they are installed! So, the recommended actions is still showing 4 but it appears they’ve already been installed and activated. I’m watching and reading the tutorials, and I cannot make my site look like the demo site without the errors gone. What do I do next so I can make my site look like the demo site?

(I have already installed the shapely-demo.xml and shapely-widgets.wie)

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Looks like checking several things in the backend is necessary, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.
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You have to install and activate Jetplugin plugin before starting demo installation, please install Jetplugin plugin and enable portfolios and testimonials, after this try to import demo

Hello and thank you. Q -Where do I find “jetplugin” - I searched WP plugins and it does not exist (see attached screen shot). I searched recommended plugins and it is not there either (see attached screenshot). Is there a different name? Where can I find it? Thanks so much!

Following up. Still having same issues. If you were referring to the JetPack plugin, that was already installed (see attachment). Is there another name for the “jetplugin plugin”? What can I/we do to make Shapely install and look like the demo site? Thank you for your advice! Excited to get Shapely theme up and running.

Please help :slight_smile: I am completely stuck. The jetpack plugin is installed (see prior images). The “jetplugin plugin” is ?? and the testimonials and portfolios are enabled. zero progress. Please help!

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Please check again, the demo is installed :slight_smile:

OH! Thank you so much!!! Do I need do address the “recommended actions” that say the plugins are not installed (even though when I check my installed plugins they area there!)?

No problem with this, Leave them as is :slight_smile: