Vacation Rental Template - background become pink color

I integrate vacation rental template into Yii2 php framework. Everything work fine except background color become pink.
Check the problem at my test website by hyperlink below.
Home page, scroll down a bit to see the pink color

about page
Can you help fix this problem?

Another thing, can you make this template menu/navigation bar to has child item?

Hey there

Color - You have to change color on the line 8030 in this file:

Menu - Can be integrated but it will require custom work


By default, the template downloaded display white color on services section in home page. So it weird if i need to modifiy the css.

About the menu, you mean you will help doing it for me if i buy this template, or i need to do it myself?
By the way, i dont need you to integrate it into Yii2, just give me the modified html that has menu with child item, i will put it into Yii2 myself.

HI there

  1. Well, I can’t say what happened and why the color is changed, on our server, it’s working just fine,
  2. Yes, any new feature needs some custom approach and all this kind of work is not supported, unfortunately, you have to do it yourself