Various Issues Customizing Pixovia


I am having some issues customizing the theme.

  1. Under the testimonial section, is it required to have a picture? If I remove the photo, the text is not longer displayed either.

  2. Is it possible to change the shade of the background of a given section?

  3. I keep turning off the “Display theme copyright in the footer?” setting but the copyright is still being displayed and the setting seems to be turning itself back on.

  4. I do not want to use the Pie Chart graphs in the pie chart section. I only want to use the text section of this. I have deleted all the names of the graphs. Graphs 2-4 are no longer showing but I can’t seem to get the first graph to disappear.

For reference my website is

Please advise.

Thank you


Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

  1. Well, no, it’s not required but if you remove it text color and background color will match and that’s the reason why you cant see it
  2. Yes, can help you with custom css but let me know which section is under this question
    3.4. please add this css in appearance > customize > additional css:
p.footer-copyright {
    display: none;
.pixova_lite_pie_chart_wrapper {
    display: none;

Let me know if all this worked

Colorlib Support Team


Thank you for your help.

The Pie Chart problem is fixed. However, I am still having some other issues.

  1. The footer is still not quite right. I would like it to say © 2018 All Rights Reserved but would like not have all the theme name information. The CSS you provided removes everything; the theme info AND the copyright info. How do I have the copyright without the theme info and heart?

  2. In the about section, the spacing is a little unbalanced. The space between paragraphs 1 and 2 is more than between 2 and 3. How do I make these spaces the same size? We would like the space between paragraph 1&2 to be the smaller space as between 2&3.

  3. Also, the line spacing and fonts in these 3 paragraphs are different. We would like the 3 paragraphs to have the font and font size of the first paragraph but the larger spacing between lines as in the second paragraph.

  4. In the contact us section, is there a way to control the line breaks in the address? I Would like the address on one line, the suite # on a second line, and city/state on a third line…

  5. Also in the contact us, is there a way to make the form a little narrower so that the email address will fit on one line?

  6. Footer Column 3. How do I align the text right instead of left? I also want this the same font size as the 1st Footer Column.

  7. How do I move the social media widget up so there isn’t so much space below the email address? I want it to be more in line with line 3 of the 1st column.

  8. How do I remove the full width footer section where the theme is inserting all the social media logos?

Thank you so much!

Hi @sspiell

Well, now you have an 8 question and most of them is a customization character rather than support question, its hard for me to say but in order to keep free themes free support in good quality it’s important to keep simple rules, i can understand if you have a 2-3 or 4 question but providing more than 8 or more question in the same thread Is not normal, please refine your question and leave only important ones, sorry but this is necessary to keep quality of the support