Various Issues with Woocommerce in Illdy

Hi, I’ve just started updating my website and converting over to your Illdy theme, but have come across a couple of issues in the woocommerce category and product displays.

Here is a URL to an example page:

  1. In the header, I would like to have only “hand spun alpaca yarn” as the title, and not the full text of the category description or the added “category:” that is ahead of the title.

  2. I would like to reduce the line spacing in the product titles so that they don’t stretch out vertically so much aswell as avoid breaking the display grid with longer titles. I would also like to have the text centered, rather than left-alligned.

  3. I find the side bar takes up more space than I would like, but without it there is no easy way to navigate back to the store page. Is it possible to add a floating menu bar, or reduce the size of the sidebar?

Is it possible for me to make these adjustments somehow?

Thanks very much.

Just an update, through some creative problem solving I’ve partially addressed some of these issues.

  1. I was able to “fix” by removing all of the text all together with the code:
/*Blog and Product Category Header*/ .col-sm-offset-2{
display: none;
} h2{
display: none;
  1. I was able to fix with the code:
    /*woocommerce grid fix */ .product-type-simple {FONT-SIZE:12px;} .product-type-simple h2 {LINE-HEIGHT:17px; width: 9em; height: 5em; overflow: hidden;text-align:center;} .price {text-align:left;line-height:17px}

although there are some minor issues with responsiveness when alligned the price to the center as well.

  1. I have still not yet found a solution to the sidebar width that doesn’t also introduce issues on mobile screens where the sidebar gets stretched out a couple letters per line.

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Kindly add and save the following code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

 .archive .term-description {
    display: none!Important;
 .product-type-simple h2 {
    LINE-HEIGHT: 16px;
    height: 3em;
    text-align: center;
    white-space: normal;
    margin-bottom: 10px!Important;

.price {
    text-align: center!important;
    line-height: 4px;

.ajax_add_to_cart {
    margin-left: 18px!Important;
.archive #sidebar {
    width: 70%!important;
    float: right!Important;

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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We have incorporated woocommerce into illdy theme. We managed to find the solution to remove the sidebar from shop page of woocommerce by using the following code:

.woocommerce-page .col-sm-7 { width: 100%; }
.woocommerce-page .col-sm-4 { display: none; }

However, the code has caused our primary menu to shift from the top right to centre and has caused the logo position to disappear. How can we solve the problem by getting the logo back? We are fine with the menu remaining at the center.

Thank you.