Vegefoods template not working in mobile

Vegefoods template is not working in android mobile browsers
The shop drop down menu close as soon as we open it and also the homepage is not fully displayed in the browser only sliders are visible in that.
Kindly help us out in fixing this issue and also tell us how to fix that issue.

I have purchased a license for this site to publish but am unable to publish it due to this reason .

Hey there

Can you please provide link to your project? do you see the same on our demo? yet I was not able to reproduce the problem on my side

I have not yet published my website but wanted to…due to this problem I am not able to go live,

Yes, its in your demo also, vegefoods preview is showing same error

You might be opening it in safari from your iPhone but in android phones this problem is arising I have checked it with google chrome and microsoft edge and in both browsers problem is same

Hi tehre

You can use this code to fix it:

@media (max-width: 991.98px) {
.dropdown-menu {
display: block;
background: black !important;
.ftco-navbar-light .navbar-nav > .nav-item .dropdown-menu .dropdown-item {
color: white;