Versión móvil no funciona


En dispositivos móviles, aparece primero la “primera versión” de la página sin contenido. Para poder ver la versión actual hay que darle al enlace “ver sitio completo”

¿cómo puedo evitar eso y que de entrada acceda a la página inicial correcta?
Sólo ocurre en dispositivos móviles


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On mobile devices, the “first version” of the page without content appears first. In order to see the current version you have to click on the link “view full site”

How can I avoid that and access the correct initial page?
Only happens on mobile devices, in desktop devices it works right



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Do you have the Jetpack plugin active? If so try deactivating that plugin to see it that helps.

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Oh yeah!!!

So I can not use that plug in, or is there any specific setting that interferes with the theme?

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I believe that the mobile menu option is causing the issue. You can go to Jetpack > Settings > Enable the Jetpack Mobile theme and ensure this is DISABLED.

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Thank you very much … again!!!

You’re great :wink:

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!