Vertical alignment off, on load only.


Please look at

On load, the text in the parralax homepage widgets down the page are aligned to the very top. They should be vertically centered. If you resize the window, it fixes itself. This just started happening recently and I can’t figure out why.

Thank you.

hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.col-sm-12.text-center .mb16 {
margin-top: 60px;

Colorlib Support Team

I’m sorry to say that did not fix the problem.

I’m trying to figure out why the vertical alignment is off for “Why Tobias Green” and “Colors and Stains” when the page first loads. Also why the alignment corrects itself when you refresh the page or resize the window. Could you please take another look? I’m trying to keep the vertical positioning consistent.

Please view the video to see what I am referring to. Note the alignment before refreshing the page.

Please deactivate all your third party plugins and check again, also, add the code and let me see it

Hi Noda,

I deactivated plugins and didn’t see any change. I’m only using a single plugin called duplicator, outside of the plugins bundled with Shapely.

I did implement your code to my local version and it didn’t fix. It just added a little bit of space to the top of each widget and the text is still not vertically centered on page load.

I implemented the code at the URL above as well for you to look at.

Thank you.


Ok, I see you are using some custom styling on your website, can you please temporarily disable it to check the problem?
I was not able to replicate this problem on my side, you may change the custom CSS provided above to this and it will work only for affected text:

#shapely_home_features-2 .col-sm-12.text-center .mb16 {
margin-top: 60px;

I completely disconnected the link to my custom css.
I’ve only imported fonts from google, that’s it.
Check again and scroll down to Colors and Stains. Note the vertical alignment. (same as before). Refresh and watch the alignment fix itself.

I’m sorry to say the problem isn’t my code. I’ve also read on the internet of other users experiencing the same issue with this Shapely theme. I’m curious to know what the problem is. I’ve since abandon the template and hand coded it. I was hoping to save some time with shapely.


Well, it’s quite different now and honestly, I can’t see the same problem, right now affected title has more than enough space above