Video embed not responsive

Hi, I’ve a problem in video embedding in my mobile version of website.
The vimeo video is ok on desktop version but in mobile version I see a bing margin (white space) in the top and in the bottom.

Thanks for your attention,
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Hi there

Please provide url of the website and I will take a look

Hi, this is the website url
the video is at the bottom of the page. For pc desktop is ok but in mobile I’ve a big margin at the top and at the bottom. This issue is only for homepage widget. And I embed video in a colomn wordpress block to center it…

My website URL is <>.

You will see the written content BUT the actual “Shapely” theme is completely missing from the site except for those small purple, what i describe as “click boxes”.

I went awhile in not looking at it during the pandemic and missed a number of updates. Then when I visited again the beautiful Shapely theme, much to my surprise was gone. So I have no idea what caused this or what exactly happened.

Obviously, I would like to know how to avoid this from happening again by knowing how to prevent it and to know what to do once I have the problem explained to me and the fix for this situation. Thank you for your assistance in this regard.

Hi Franko

It’s all about your block setting, remove these margins: Monosnap

there is no problem with the theme:



Please start a new ticket @hereandnow

Hi thanks for your suggestion but I deleated the block css class but nothing changed.
Video is still not responsive only in homepage widget…
Why ?


Try to use the video block or HTML tab,
please you have a problem with the Guttenberg, not with the theme.
If you privately provide admin details I will try to find a solution