Video in parallax section

I’d like to display an mp4 video instead of an image within a parallax section on my homepage. (While I’m wishing, it would be great if it was autoplay and looping.) Any process to make that happen?

Hello Gary

I’m sorry but yet there is no option to show video instead of image in the parallax section background, this will require customization of the template

In case I want to give that a go, which template would that be?

Are we not talking about shapely? :slight_smile:

I made a good-faith request for help. I obviously know the name of the theme; what I didn’t know was where, in the hundreds of files and thousands of lines of code that comprise Shapely, where I might begin to look if I wanted to customize the theme as I’d described. I hope others will witness what passes for customer support and respond accordingly. I’ve now found the class-shapely-home-parallax.php file so I can proceed on my own.

Good morning

I thought you were asking about the template, theme :slight_smile:
This 2 plugins will help you: