Video-post redesign

Hi guys,

first of all: thank you very much for this awesome theme … I’m using it (with a few customizations) for my wife’s quote website. If you want to have a look:

next thing I want to customize is the video post. The embed videos are now inside the content box. What I’m going to do is to place the video on top of the content box, like the featured images :slight_smile: I think this will have a more consistent look when you scroll down your posts.

this would also fix our problem with cutting out the video on homepage when showing the excerpt of the post (as far as I know this is caused by wordpress, it is cutting videos etc. out of excerpts …)

So the question is how to do that? Don’t have a real roadmap for now but I think this should be possible by using custom fields and calling the custom field in the quote-post type file.

Do you have some tips for me for this issue. Guess it is more wise to ask before digging into the code :slight_smile:

thanks again

Hi Yasin,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Do you want to display video on single video post( Having post format as Video ) and post listing page from the custom field link and not from the post content?

Kind Regards,
Vinod Dalvi

Thanks, doing fine so far … hope you too …

oh no, I would say the video should be displayed on both pages on top of the content-box, like the featured images doing right now.

the thing with custom field is just an idea. so it could be something different. I know themes which are doing it differently, for example setting the video as the featured image …

If you don’t get my idea I can describe it with some screenshots …

Hi again, I just did a research.

Good news: I found a plugin (featured videos plus) which just looks for featured images and replaces them with the video :slight_smile: very easy to handle. just paste video url to the field in post edit view and it will replace the video, there are also some settings which allows you to use lightbox etc.

to be honest, there was also a bit of css hacking necessary to scale the video correctly but it works good so far. Have a look, you just have to inspect the video div and the iframe in it to see the css …

have a nice day. and thanks again for this nice theme …