Video repeats in continuous loop

Good evening. I hope you are well. I am using the Shapely Video Section and followed your suggested sample link: which led me here:

Monosnap - a sample of how to insert a video from YouTube.

My video is working EXCEPT it runs in a continuous loop and I only want it to play one time. The video section controls are set: Auto Play OFF, Mute OFF, Full height ON, YT ID: 4dwc3-m5YQg

This is the complete youtube link:
Thanks for your help. I love this template!

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Im so sorry to say but this widget don’t have the option to control loop of the video, unfortunately there is no way to control this without theme customization

Thank you for your response.

I managed to get two videos to work and only run 1 time by using the video widget on the front page list that was not labeled Shapely. I’m guessing it was from jetpack? I didn’t use any plugins except the ones the template called for.

It wasn’t working the other night and I spent hours trying to add a URL, which it wouldn’t accept. I decided to try it one more time tonight and it worked. Who knows what happened to fix it, but I did have to restart my computer today. Maybe that did it.

Still love the template and appreciate your timely support very much.

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Mos probably it was caching issue :slight_smile:
So, is your problem now resolved? do you have any more questions?

This issue is resolved, thank you.

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Ok, Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved.
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