Visited link color

I have changed the link color and link hover color under Shapely Options > Layout Options
But the visited links still appear purple. I can’t seem to get this fixed.

The following css works, but also affects the top menu bar. Also it overwrites the hover-effect.

 body a:visited {
    color: #b24432;

Can you help with a way to set the visited links in the content area to not be purple, but to be the same colors as set in the layout options?

Here is the above code added and it affects the menu:

There is a link on this page:

Hi @kasper446,

Could you put a link so I could see?

The link provided does not work.



Hi Colorlib

Here is another link:

The problem is that the font color in the top menu has changed to red too. I would want it to not be affected.

Thank you in advance,


The best solution it would be if you could give a class to your link and then refer that class in the css with the code:

.class a:visited{

If you use body visited, as you saw, it will affect all your links.