Visited Links Color On Search Results Page

Hey dear Colorlib Support :slight_smile:

I would like to change the visited link color on the search results page (which appears when using the search widget in the menu). While I have changed the color to a kind of gold on the whole website and also cut out the appearance of the publishing date of articles, this particular page seems to be not affected by the CSS codings.

So how can I address this particular site and

  1. Change the color of my visited links?
  2. Hide the publishing date for the articles displayed in the results?

To make it clear, please go to, use the search icon in the head menu and type in “coverband”. Then Click the search button. The page which appears then is the one I’m talking about (as soon as links are visited once and you come back, they appear in purple which I want to change).

Thanks in advance for your always great support :slight_smile: