Vk.com social button for Sparkling WordPress theme

Hey Guys,

You made an awesome theme. I use it in several blogs. Thanks a lot for your work.
Guys I need badly a social button please implement it in your system. Its www.vk.com (old vkontakte.ru), its the most popular social network in russian speaking internet. ITs super critical to have that social button. Now I used Youtube for it.

Could you add it among other social media sites you have on the list.

Can you guys do it please?

Thank you for your feedback!

  1. First open file called options.php that you can find in Sparkling root folder and add options like this right below Github function:
$options[] = array(	'id' => 'social_vk',
			'desc' => __('Vk', 'sparkling'),
    			'std' => '',
    			'class' => 'mini',
    			'type' => 'text');

Now you will have an option inside Theme Options >> Social but this option won’t do anything.

  1. Now go to file called extras.php that you can find in Sparklin folder >> inc.

In that file find this line of code:

'github' => 'GitHub'

Replace it with

'github'      => 'GitHub',
'vk'      => 'Vk'

I added comma at the end of line with Github related code and added vk icon at the end.

Now you should see a new icon on your website the same as others. Just make sure to enable it via Theme Options the same way you would do with other icons.