Was this theme released too early

My wife likes this theme and wants to use it for her website. I started to work with it but it has quite a few problems - won’t save changes is the biggest.

Some of these have been acknowledged and the replies have been less than satisfactory. How often are you going to rectify faults with an update?

I know this is a free theme. I ALWAYS use a free theme before paying real money to try and gauge the sites attitude to their users, by their response time to give an answer, then a fix - and not a plugin to correct coding errors [telephone numbers].

Hello Goldie,

Every issue will get addressed in the shortest time with a theme update, usually in less than 2 weeks or when enough issues stacks up. If there’s a really important functionality flaw we usually address a temporary fix until we hit the launch button. For example, the contact phone number that you mentioned and got the functions.php fix.

Unfortunately, as much as we’d love it to offer a completely bug-free product for all of the users out there, we are only humans and it happens to get unexpected issues.

If there’s anything else besides the contact number and have the saving issues with some other fields, please let us know so we can add the fix in the next theme update.

If there has been any less than satisfactory replies I sincerely apologize and kindly ask you to point me to the right direction so I can provide the required assistance.

Best regards