Website is a mess after theme update

here is the site:
homepage missing alot of code that i write which has image and contact form.
all page layout all different after update
why the developer have to make myself alot of problem by updating these version and making all the layout i make all gone…

stop updating your theme…mess up all my work and waste my time solving the problem

hey there

What exactly happened? if you properly use the theme and you did not made changes in the theme files then this might be a one of the reasons why you lost your modifications

i previously download portum material theme …after one month later,i check my website,all the layout all run and has been replaced by the new update which become portum clean theme. Is there any way for me to choose back portum material style? i have made changes inside the editor theme file but i didnt update the theme and it update by itself and all the coding i did inside the theme is all missing.

Hey there

The reason why you lost your changes is that you are not properly using WordPress themes when you want to make changes in the theme you have to use a child theme and not change files directly in the parent theme, not sure how your theme updated but WordPress themes are not automatically updating :frowning:

cannot be…if not automatically update…then it should not affect the changes i make to the website…cause the theme i download i remember dont have the portum clean layout…it should be using portum material layout…and pages should not have block format for me to edit. it should be normal editor.i didnt even change the file for the theme file…i only add coding to the index page and footer only. now i try to change back to portum material it doesnt let me use that layout anymore.

and another thing is the menu section keep appearing the welcome word and i already add logo pic to the logo site and it still appearing the words and i have to use code to hide it…

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@socru912 well, i have no words, let’s call it unexplained behavior but by default theme, automatic updates are disabled in WordPress, have you enabled it? you can check more about this here:

logo text - i already see the logo on your website not welcome text

What about to ask for backup from your hosting?

i never touched anything when i finished the website on november 2018. and when my client came to me and ask what happen to the website.the only changes i saw is the theme have mess up all the pages i do. i dont mind the home page has a problem but if other pages and menu is so messed up. i believe it the theme problem.i think the solution to these problem is i have to change to another theme.

Hello @socru912

You are still on your decision :slight_smile: well, ok it’s up to you, let us know if you need anything from our theme im always feel happy when helping


Here is the site:
All page layouts are all different after update with the Portum 1.06.
Before, I had the Portum 1.02 and all was perfect.
I have just updated the version and now all is different and doesn’t appear well.
In certain pages, my slide is below and I can’t modify this.
The background is not yellow anymore and the logo has disappeared.
There is no price anymore.
On the slide, it was written BIENVENUE - WELCOME - BIENVENIDO

Would you please help me ? As I tried to correct the problems but it doesn’t work.
Would it be possible to get the previous version (1.02) ?
Please see attached 2 photos of my website with the previous version.

Thank you in advance for your help

Good morning

@emilie sorry but i have to ask you start with new ticket since this is an old one and the author may not want someone to post in, start a new ticket and I will answer immediately