Website Looks Wildly Different

Hi there,

I’ve been working on setting up a website over the last few days. It’s

Yesterday, everything looked normal, though I was still progressing through style and content updates.

Today, though, everything looks totally different.

  • The menu has a never-before-seen "skip to content" text above it.
  • The menu itself seems to have lost all styling.
  • The CTA section looks terribly different.
  • This is the oddest one of all: The content that was on the homepage is no longer there, but if you click on any page in the nav bar, you see it off to right side if you scroll horizontally.

Also, before yesterday, I was having this issue: when I update the .css file, nothing on the site changes. I checked with my hosting company to see if there was a server-side cache, and they confirmed that there is not.

I’d appreciate any help someone can offer on any of the above issues.</p>

Thanks so much!

EDIT: I tried removing the theme, clearing my cache, and reuploading it, and I’m still seeing the exact same thing. No other theme seems to be doing this. Thanks!

hi there

Thank you for the question
Is this problem already resolved? I see the nicely designed website and the amazing transformation of our shapely, however, I can’t see the problem I don’t know how it was before and don’t know where actual problem is, the best suggestion, in this case, is to contact the designer of the theme (who did redesign job)