Website not displaying properly


Seem to be having a problem, I’ve downloaded and installed the theme and it looked awesome, adjusted a few things here and there and now the theme doesn’t work, i’ve connected jetpack as that helped when it did this before but no matter what I’ve done it just won’t show properly.

The website is

I love the theme but don’t understand what’s wrong with it, I’ve tried reinstalling theme, clearing cashes etc but with no luck.

Please help!


Can you please elaborate what you mean by now the theme doesn’t work?

I see the website alright, with jumbotron picture and a couple of sections.

Whatever information you are missing make sure to go in the Appearances > Customize and re-save the information with new one before saving again.

If you are still encountering issues, please provide a couple of screenshots so I can better understand what kind of behaviour you are encountering.

Best regards