Websites Not Working Properly in Safari

Our websites appear fine in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and SeaMonkey. They don’t in Safari.

Here are the two problems:
1- The navigation bar is 2/3 covered up.
2- If you click on an inner page, the content shows up on a white page, no photos, no colors, none of the formatting.

I’ve already talked to Apple and they say nothing can be done, except update to 64 bit applications on computers, but it appears this way on cell phones too. I’ve talked to Siteground, our host, but they say this is a developer problem. Just don’t know what to do at this point.

One support forum answer was to deactivate Jetpack, which I did for one of the sites, but that did not solve the problem.

The websites are:

Hey there

I just tried it and this is what I have: Screenshot by Lightshot same on all other sites, inner pages are normall as well and I see all the images
I can’t see any problems you reported on the website, everything seems to be working normally for me at this moment, did I miss something?

Sorry, but in Safari, they still are not showing up properly, nor on iPhones. Did you look at these sites in Safari?

My clients report the same thing.

By the way, your Lightshot screenshot does not display properly either. I’m attaching a screenshot of the way it should display.

Note how distorted the Lightshot is.

Thank you for your attention on this. I’m about to choose the Unite theme for another website but must clear this issue up first.

Trying to get proper sizing on my screenshot.

hey there

yes, now I was able to replicate it
Please try this CSS code and let me know if it worked

_::-webkit-full-page-media, _:future, :root .safari_only {
.site-content.container {
    position: relative;
    top: 30px;

Copy-paste this code without mistake in the appearance > customize >additional css

Is this happening only on the homepage for you?

Hi there,

I wish I could say that that worked. I tried it on all three websites and it did not. You see, the crunched up menu bar is not the only problem. If you click on any of the other pages besides the home page, it goes to a white page with the content in a large black font, not the designed page with a colored background.

In fact, if you go to home page, it doesn’t even show the home page, just a white page. I’ve attached a screenshot.

I was thinking that the 2.0.8 version of Unite was the problem, but is still on 2.0.2. The other two sites are on 2.0.8.

This is so perplexing. It is not just the navigation bar not displaying properly, it’s also the inside pages appearing as white pages with large black text.

I really appreciate your time working to find out what the problem is.

Hi there,

I managed to solve one of the problems for two of the sites and their nav bars. The margin on the hero image was too high. Whew! The nav bars are fine now, however…

The problem remains on all three sites of a white page appearing if you click on a page tab or link . All three sites have page builders: WP Bakery on two of them and SiteOrigin on one of them, but this problem of the white pages began only recently.

Let me know if you need our login information.

The websites again are:

Have you given up on this issue?

I have found a fix for two of the sites. The site I still am having problems with is

I have talked to the folks at SiteOrigin and they say they can see the site in Safari, but the operating system they were using is Mojave. For High Sierra and below, it can not be seen.

If you can’t help me, I just don’t know who else to turn to.

The problem has been solved. It seems there were content blocker settings in the Safari browser on my computer. The site comes up now. Whew! :slight_smile:

Hey there

Wooow :slight_smile:

thank you for sharing solution :slight_smile: