Weird lines between sections


I’ve updated to version 1.0.32, and then suddenly I see those weird lines between each section. Pls see attachment. How can I fix it?

I have the same problem too.

Oh, thought it was only me… i’m in good company!

Ah ok! I have the same issue and I don’t feel me alone now :wink:

The same problem here! :frowning:

I have a similar problem
I don’t want any section and numbers appears between the page and the footer

I have the same issue.

Hello @everyone,

Please excuse any inconvenience created, we are just investigating and fixing the issue, a new update should and will follow shortly.

Sorry for the trouble!

Best regards


thanks… waiting for Update :wink:

Phew! I don’t feel me alone now lol

New theme update with fixes of all recent issues is available for download!

Please confirm that everything is working as expected, and once again excuse the trouble.

Kindest regards

Problem solved. Thanks.

Problem solved. Thank you

Great !!!
It works fine.


Merci à vous

That’s absolutely great news, I’m happy that everyone got this alright after the update.

Once again, please excuse all the trouble!

Good day @all

Problem solved. Many thank!!!