What calendar does Sparkling support?


Here I am again.
I tried some calendars (Event organiser) but they won’t display in the widget sidebar.
I figured, maybe this is because they are not compatible with the theme?
Or is it something else? http://www.royalwebdesign.nl/vcmajella/

Do you recommend a calendar widget?


This Event Organiser plugin is fully compatible with Sparkling theme.

Here you can see it in action:

Most likely you have wrong date/time for you hosting/WordPress instalation or events you added are already expired. I am certain that this is not related to theme

Hi, I’ve encountered some issues with Event Organiser installed on chfpln.pl/kontakt

  1. Events Calendar widget doesn’t allow to navigate between months

  2. [eo_fullcalendar] also doesn’t allow to navigate months

Could you please help with aboove ?

Thanks in advance

Hi lkopack,

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