What has happened to my blog!!

I have just returned to my blog after not working on it for a bit. Only to find that it has been updated to use a Block formatting to create my pages. Even choosing between document and block doesn’t take me back to how my blog originally worked. II want to keep my original document way to format my pages. I am not interested in learning how this all works at this time. Please advise me on how to return to the default.

Hey there

Thank you for the question and happy new year
Not clearly understand your question, can you be more specific? also please provide a link to your blog page and screenshot of the problem

The issue is in the dashboard when changing or composing new pages.

The interface is not totally different including ‘blocks’ which I don’t want to use.

If this is an update to the theme, I want to go back to the original.


Hey there

This is not theme but WordPress update, install this plugin to get back your default editor: