What is that "Illdy Child Backup Settings"-Page about?

I installed the Theme with sample-content and ended up with a page called “Illdy Child Backup Settings” - Draft. Whatever I try to ged rid of this page I don’t succeed. I delete it, it shows me a message that the page has been put into the trash. But it still sits at the very same spot than before. I’m a bit annoyed and I can’t find any information what this page could be good for and why it’s not deletable over the backend 8-/

Does anyone have a similar issue or does someone know what to do with that page?


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Do you have a child theme plugin active in the site?
You may have to delete the theme then try to delete the page once more.

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ahm… I generated a theme child to adjust the Illdy theme without loosing my changes if the original theme would be updatet. I certainly won‘t delete my child theme and loose my work (?).

That wasn‘t the best advice :wink:

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Deactivate all your plugins and try to delete, if no worked then temporary switch your theme to default WordPress theme and try again if even this not work you have a problem in WordPress core and you need to open a ticket in WordPress support