What is the ideal image size for slider?

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I have a couple of questions about the slider.

Question 1. What is the ideal image size for the slider? Currently my image sizes are all different, so the slider hops around in size. What size should I set them to? I currently have this CSS in place:

.container {
max-width: 100%;

@media (max-width: 768px){
#page .flexslider,
#page .flexslider .slides img {
min-height: 150px;

Question 2. What is the ideal MB size for the slider to ensure it doesn’t load too slowly, but retains image quality? I had issues with the slider taking a while to load, and after advice from Activello I asked my host provider, who said my MB sizes were too large.


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1 The best size for the slider would be 1400 px x 400 px but they all need to be the same size for consistency.
2 The file size is not a big issue but you can use this plugin to reduce the size of the images:

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