What plugin do you use for Pinterest like effect in Pinbin WordPress Theme

Hi Aigars, Could you perhaps let me know what the plugin/widget is called that provides you with the “pinterest like” posts that is shown in the theme Example? Thank you kindly

This theme is built to look like this out of the box. There are absolutely no plugins used in the theme preview.
The script used for theme is called Masonry but you shouldn’t worry too much about it since it’s there already, so you just have to add your content and images. The main thing is to set featured images for each post to make it look exactly like in the theme preview.

Thanks for that, one more thing, in order to ensure that the picture is as the example and fits above the post is there any specific size measurements that need to be used? Thank you

Edit: Just figured it out! no need to reply, thanks for your time.

I see you found an answer but I will just post it here so others can see it in case they face the same issues.
Recommended image width is 750px to perfectly fit theme width but you can use any size you like.
There is no limit for image height so even infographics will fit well in this theme.