When Desktop Changes to Mobile Version (theme breakpoint)

Hey @Aigars,

I’ve seen it before, but I can’t find the thread that showed how to change when the site switches to the mobile version (ie: smaller than 750 px wide for example)…using Dazzling.

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What exactly do you want to change when website is displayed on mobile/tablets?

You can use CSS @mediau queries for this and there are hundreds of different threads about this on forum but I need to know more details on what you want to change. If not, just search this forum for “@media”.

I want the website to switch to the mobile/condensed version sooner when on a desktop. For example, if the window or screen resolution is less than 300 px wide, the website switches from desktop view to the mobile view. I want to switch that so if the window is less than 800 px wide it will switch to the mobile view (see atachment). Thanks in advance Aigars!

website: ach.dylanlongpre.ca

This is the thread you were looking for.

Let me know if this helps.

That’s the one! You’re a scholar and a gentleman good sir! Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile: