Where is the custom css file stored?

Hi there,

So today, the idiot at my hosting company, was supposed to take my test install of wp and copy it into a new install and change the domain.

Shouldn’t have been a problem if he knew what he was doing…

Anyway, he’s made a mess of the new install and also messed up my test server install… (don’t know how he managed to do that… I told him not to touch it…)

Anyway, Aigars, do you know where the custom css file is stored, because somehow he has managed to delete the contents of the custom css, and first thing tomorrow I’m gonna have to get that restored.


There is no custom CSS file for our themes and all information is stored in database in wp_options table. Unless you have access to old database all your changes are lost.

Regular style.css is stored in theme root folder like for any other WordPress theme.

Hi there,

Happy days, they had made a back up of the database and were able to retrieve the custom css without too much fuss.


Hi all,

I was using travelify theme…i just moved the website to another hosting and pointed the domain to new site…but the custom css i have added in dashboard were gone…please help me where (which table and which option) i needs to check in my backup database so that i will try to copy…

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