Where to download Portum Business Theme


I am trying to download the Portum Business theme from https://colorlib.com/portum-business/ but the link doesn’t lead anywhere. Where can I get this theme for my website?

Good morning

Sorry, we will fix download link as soon as possible, this problem is already reported :frowning:

Ok perfect. Do you have a direct link or something in the mean time. I would really like to get my site started and your theme fits perfectly!

Good morning

Yes, You can download if from the original source: https://github.com/MachoThemes/portum

Thank you Noda,

I finally go around to installing the main theme from your link, but it doesnt have the Business preset available when I setup the Portum Theme. Was it taken off or am I missing something?


I’ve reported this problem to our team and they will fix it as soon as possible, sorry for this inconvenience :frowning: