where to start - software

I’m trying to learn how to create a website and I need a bit of guidance on software.

I’ve begun with WordPress, simply because I’m told it’s quite easy to learn. However, I’m thinking that maybe I won’t have as much freedom as I would if I were to use, say dreamweaver.

Also, someone made my website but I am not satisfied with his work, could anyone describe me which area could need to improvise in my website.
It’s How to Make a WordPress Website - Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

I’m just looking for a bit of guidance before I fork out the money!

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Here’s a video that sums up WordPress and what it is.

One of the main reasons people use it, is because of the themes, you have beautiful themes already created for your needs.
You have free themes and premium themes, the best looking ones you usually have to by from places such as envato:

I hope this helps. This forum is for Colorlib products and issues, so please understand I can’t provide you with detailed information on this particular matter.

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