Which Font Is Used In Sparkling Theme Site Title In Header ?


  1. I want to know which font is used in site title in header in Sparkling theme. By site title, I mean that part (text) which is on the top left which comes by default when we don’t upload any site logo. I searched a bit and it resembles the Rockwell font very closely. But there are a lot of variants in Rockwell, such as condensed, bold, etc. Can any support member or developer help me with the exact font type used in site title in header ?

  2. Another query that I have is how we can reduce the height of header menu when it scrolls down. I have enabled sticky menu but vertical height of the menu remains same when we scroll down. I want to achieve a similar effect that is seen on this (colorlib) website. Is it possible to do so?

Thanks. If it helps, my website url is http://www.evendrive.com.

Found the answer for the first question. Font is Roboto Slab Bold. Support guys, please confirm.

Still looking for an answer to second question. :slight_smile:

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2. Unfortunately, that is not possible because the header on your website is designed by a different way and size when its sticky will be the same as a normal position of the header
Colorlib Support Team