which theme is super easy, and allows for multiple galleries?


For a friend and artist (painter) I want to make a website. I like the Colorlib WP themes and bought one a while for a customer to make his website. The thing is now that my friend is not very good with digital stuff (understatement). I’m looking for a theme that makes it suuuuper easy for him:-) He’s got a lot of photos that I want to show under different sections (paintings, installations, exhibitions… and so on). Which theme should I get him? Thank you!!!


hi Lotte

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Well, not an easy question, i think you need to decide this yourself, check our themes and check their visual side, if you have any question in functionality then i can help you,

In my opinion, i would use shapely or illdy :slight_smile:
Colorlib Support Team