White space on the sides of the theme header

Hello, I ask you for help again.

I previously had a problem with the dazzling theme, when I installed the theme it had a small defect, a white space between the header and the slide, but after you passed me an additional css code the problem was corrected.

recently I created a child theme for the dazzling theme, but when I finished personalizing it I noticed again a space in the header, but now on the sides, but this happens only in the child theme, the parent theme is normal.

Could you guys send me another css code to fix this?

My website: www.grandegamer.com

Thankful for your attention!

Hello all well

The problem is in the header on the sides of it, vertical white lines appeared on the right and left of the child theme header.

And I’m using the theme son.

My website: www.grandegamer.com

Thank you for your attention!

I do not remember having changed anything besides the credits of the foot wheel, but the rest of the changes were made in the theme’s customizer.

Hello merry christmas

I used the code that you sent me but it did not work out completely, now there are white dots on the edges of the header.

it is as if the edges had with [], and removing the trace vertically remained only the white dots horizontally.

I think you’ll realize that too.

as the parent theme does not have this problem I tried to copy the header file and paste it into the child theme folder to see if it repaired more did not work, so I undo this!

My website: www.grandegamer.com

thanks for your attention!

I cleaned the cache, and it stayed the same the lines disappeared, the more white spots remained on the edges, I know I’m being a little too detailed, but I want everything to be perfect, you understand.

I’ll send you a print to see if you can see the 2 white dots on each side of the header

thanks for your attention!

Hello … Good evening

works perfectly the code, thank you and good job!