Why GitHub lagging in version?

I was considering adapting the theme by forking it on GitHub and preparing my changes as commits over the upstream version. This would allow more precise changes than child-theme machinery (I presume) while I could still do a possible update by rebasing my changes over the new upstream version.

However, the GitHub project seems to be frozen on v1.3.8 while in WordPress I can see there is v1.4.4 already…

Looking deeper, there is a hanging pull request #138: Update that might be bringing the changes to the master branch, but somehow it keeps hanging.

Is there a way to clone the repository at v1.4.4? Or would I have to clone it as it is, apply the pull request manually and then build on top of that?

As a side question - it is possible to keep the Git clone directly on the WordPress theme directory? Or would extra Git files distract WordPress?

Browsing on the topic somewhat more I realized that the #138: Update pull request is made from the WPChill/Activello fork of the ColorlibHQ/Activello repository.

As it turns out, what WordPress uses as the Activello theme is the WPChill/Activello fork. I have checked this by manually copying all theme files from my page and git status shows no difference.

The Activello page page on the “Fork on Github” button has a link to puikinsh/activello that redirects to the ColorlibHQ/Activello. Yet, the real theme is on WPChill/Activello fork. Why it is so, I don’t know – seems misleading.

I just checked this and it seems to be working fine – to have a Git clone of the theme repository placed in wp-content/themes/activello.

Hi Adam

So, I guess you found a solution, right?

Kind of… I found the real repository. However, that is not the one advertised on the page… :wink: But I guess we can close this now.