Why there is only one column instead for font page in Pinbin

Hi Aigars,
I am new to word press and I love the design of the Pinbin theme you’ve created! I’ve got it installed, but my information isn’t coming in as a 4 column design, it’s coming in as 1 column on my static home page. Can you help me fix this?

You just need to update your WordPress to the latest 3.6.1 version. It is because this theme uses Masonry jQuery script which is inside WordPress installation since WP 3.5. It is always recommended to keep your WordPress installation UpToDate to avoid security and stability issues.

I just double checked again and I am using version 3.5.2. Could there be any other reasons?

With your current structure, when all your articles are Pages instead of posts, you won’t get result you can see on theme demo.

On theme demo frontpage is filled with Posts. To configure frontpage you can convert your Pages into Posts. You can still leave them in header navigation like you have now.

Also for Graphic Design and Photography you can use post categories, like I have in theme Demo.

Let me know if I understood you correctly.

Yes, thank you, that’s what I was asking. I’m working on trying to convert pages into posts now. It’s all new so it’s taking me awhile to find where everything is located.