Widget centering (content of widget) for WordPress theme

Hey there,

I am using Dazzling theme on my site. Its a great theme. I used Travelify as well previously (Obv I leave URL to colorlib for theme credit on about page).

Under Dazzling theme, homepage widgets, I want to align center the content of widget (it might be picture or text).

I searched through forum and got solution to align widget title. I am looking for content or body of widget to align.

Thanks in advance.


Wrap your widget content width tags like this:

<p style="text-align: center;">Your text or code goes here</p>

This will make sure to center image, text or other content types that you might add there.

If you are using other than text widgets, please post your website URL and I will write a Custom CSS for that.

Hey Aigars,

Thanks for reply.

Yes, I already saw this solution gave by you in another thread of this forum. I was not using text widget hence I posted new thread.

I was using some featured post widget and wanted to center its thumbnail, excerpt of post within widget. Anyway now I am using another widget with its own custom CSS edit functionality. Played around code a bit and got it working the way I wanted.

Thank you for the help of custom CSS offered and for this beautiful Dazzling theme!!