Widget Contact Translation

Hi everybody

I have a problem with the translation of the widget [Shapely] Contact Section for FrontPage
I did not find the following in the translation files: Phone / Email / Adress

I use Loco Translate, but I could not find these 3 terms in the translation files (English to French). Do you know where I need to go to be able to translate these elements on the home page of https://abc-spas.fr

Thank you in advance for your collaboration

Good morning

Yes, some texts are missing from the translation files and in this case, you have to manually translate the theme into the theme files, you can use string locator Wordpress plugin to find such texts in the theme files

Thank you Nora !

I will try to do like this. Have a nice day and take care of you

Best regards

I found the file for the affected words. They are located in this file : wp-content/plugins/shapely-companion/inc/widgets/class-shapely-home-contact.php

Have a nice day

Hi thierry

Thank you for sharing file affected, I’ve reported them recently to our dev teams :slight_smile: