Widget Person Illdy

Hi all

I dont speak good english…
How to change de width of de Picture on the Widget Person?
125x125px to 260x260px

Thanks for help!!

Greeez Dani

Hello Dani,

Unfortunately, this change is not possible since it would require extensive custom work to the image cropping function.

Sorry about this.

Have a great day!


Okay, thank yo for your feedback.
How about if i pay for the service you change it for me?
Is it now possible that yo can change it?
And how much is it?

Here is the link: creativeprint.ch/neuneu

Hello Dani,

If you are considering paying for the custom work required, please add me on skype: Ion Rutz
I suspect it should take me about half an hour to finish this, so about ~$20, including creating a child theme so the modifications don’t get erased if you update the theme.


Hello Ion

Thank you, i added you on skype, my skype name is muellerdaniel82!