Widgets disapeared after URL change

Hi all

I did change the main URL of my website. After this, all widgets on my homepage disappeared except the video widget which plays a video from youtube. All others are not showing up on the website anymore and they are also not displayed in the widget editor in the backend. Any idea how to solve this? Or do I need to re-build the entire site?

Old URL: jomasport.ch
New URL: jomaschweiz.ch

Thanks and regards

Hi @martinreal

How did you change the URL?
I believe this is an issue with the migration of the website from the old to the new URL.


Hi @colorlibsupport

I adjusted the URL’s in the settings of the wordpress admin panel (see screenshot attached)

Is there anything else I would need to do?
In the meantime, I tried to switch back the URL to see if the widgets re-appear. But it looks like they are not coming back :smile:


Hi Martin,

That’s not the usual way to change a WordPress website URL. Please research this topic online. You may need to follow steps similar to this:


Hi @colorlibsupport

The first way which is described in your post is exactly the way how I changed the URL

But it seems that this has broken all my widgets except the youtube video widget. I think I will re-build the entire site. Looks like there is not other way :smile:

Hi there,

No, that’s not for changing the WordPress website URL; it’s for the WordPress address and site address. They are different. Try the method I provided above.