Widgets errors on shaply theme

Hi there,

I´m experiencing some difficulties with widgets. Please see the attached image and let me know how i can fix them.

Really appreciate your time and help on this.


Hi Pedro

Do you have the Shapely companion plugin actieve? please verify

Hi there,

I already found and solved the problem. Thanks anyway for your time and disposal to help me with this.

The problem was with the version I was using on the widgets.

Thanks for sharing your solution :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’ve exactly the same problem since WP updated in 6.0.
I notice JS errors in the developer console (cf. capture).

I don’t understand the perdro’s solution… how can I fix this please ?

The shapley widgets seem obsolete for a good usage in apparence/widget menu. An update is-it planned ?


Hi Tibo

It appears to be a problem with the latest version of WordPress. Please downgrade it to the previous version and try again.
The problem is already reported and the developer will fix it


Link to the Github: