Widgets that don't appear on the home page

i have different widget on my homepage. And they don’t appear all the time, it depends of where it is placed. For an example; if i put a testimony widget after the video, it simply does not appear. If i put the widget in front of the video one, the video will go up and repacle the main banner (which i didnt touch) and publish the testimony…



Can you try [Shapely] Video Section widget instead of the default one, I tried to recreate the issue but I couldn’t I put a video widget and then the testimonials and it works just fine in my end. Screenshot: http://take.ms/tKYHa

Try to check a couple of options,

  1. Try deactivate all the third-party plugins you installed.
  2. Make sure you close all the HTML tags inside the testimonials if you’re using any.
  3. Make sure you didn’t any edit of the theme files.

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It still does not work…

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This issue may be caused by an outdated PHP version.

Please check the PHP version using the following plugin and let us know what version you are using:

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It is the PHP Version 7.0.28

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