Width of your demo is wider than what I see here

Hello and many thanks for your nice template.
I have wondered why post width is minor in ie http://www.mentawaisurfcoaching.com/ than in yours https://colorlib.com/sparkling/.
It is not just the post text but also the sidebar is wider.
Can you please assist with it.

P.D. I have used http://www.mentawaisurfcoaching.com as an example as I still have not uploaded images to my page neither have I writen but just 2 example posts and I thought that example would be more clear to you. Thanks

No, they both have the same exact size as you can see on this screenshot.

Maybe you have zoomed in/out one of these websites, so it looks different size but they are exactly the same when viewed with normal browser settings.

Thanks for your answer and for your screenshot.
In anycase I do not see it so on my browser. Looking at both pages on the same computer, same browser, on 2 different taps… they look one wider than the other… strange??? :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway

You can zoom in and zoom out separate tabs (settings are then saved for that particular website at least in Chrome). Make sure you have zoom set to 100% for both.

Thanks Aigars, you are right, I have look at it in Chrome and they are exactly the same and in Firefox I had one at a bigger zoom than the other.
Best regards and thanks for your support