Wilcon template

I am interested in purchasing a license for the Wilcon template but first I need to know if the area at the top with the company name, phone, fax, etc be a larger area where I can put the logo, etc & if so how do I make it a bigger area?
Also, for the video about half way down the page, can you tell me the size limit for the video?

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Hey there

Thank you for your interest
Well, its an HTML template, so, everything is possible with just a modification, regarding video, no it does not have any limit

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Thanks for the response. I’ll go ahead and purchase it today assuming if I have an issue expanding that area that I will get support from you with it. Glad to hear no limit on video size although I’m thinking it it’s too big it may slow down the page.

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I went to purchase this template thinking it is a one time $19 lifetime fee to use it with one year support and it has verbiage saying $19 a year until cancelled. Is that if I want continued support after one year or just to continue using the template without the colorlib at the bottom? I would hope it isn’t $19 a year just to continue using it without support and without the colorlib at bottom. If so, all the info I have seen up until now is very misleading.
Billed once per year until cancelled

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A yearly subscription of 19$ is for support only, you can use the template without it forever :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks for the information.

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Thanks for the information. I went to purchase the template and it shows I am making payment to Sigma Labs SRL so I’m assuming Colorlib is owned by Sigma Labs SRL but not seeing that information anywhere? This is what it showed with my credit card info x’d out…“I want to use XXXX for automatic payments to Sigma Labs SRL .”

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I went ahead and purchased the Wilcon template. Can you tell me the best way to make the area at the top where the company name, tn, fax, address, etc. is bigger? I need to add a logo to the left and a couple of other items and need that area to be larger.

Hey there

Thanks :slight_smile:
@trish let me see it, please provide url of the page and let me know how exactly you want it.

Please also consider, its an HTML template, basic level of editing HTML templates is necessary to make such changes, I can help you with basic changes but major customization is on you :slight_smile:

The page is not up yet since I’m working on it so I can’t send you a url. I do web design and know how to write and change html.I only used the template to save me some time & because I really like this one. I’m just not totally familiar with the bootstrap grids so was just simply asking how to make that area bigger. I just wanted that section bigger and I’ll have the logo to the left and add a little additional info.

I just need to know how to make this area of the website larger with the logo to the left of the company name. Here is the code now. If you can tell me what to change please & if anything in css files need to be changed with it.

				<div class="pr-md-4 pl-md-3 pl-3 text">
					<p class="con"><span>Phone</span> <span>(919)123-


Fax (919)123-4567

Email thisisem[email protected]


	<div class="col-md-4 d-flex topper mb-md-0 align-items-center">
				<div class="icon d-flex justify-content-center align-items-center"><span class="fa 




123 Dolly St City, ST 12345


Hi @trish

I’m sorry but I can’t provide any feedback only by those HTML tags, this is the layout part and I cant see the style, I can see the website, its necessary to get the idea and check the view.
You can refresh this ticket with the link once you upload it online

I cannot express enough how unhappy I have been with the services I paid for with this template. You have the Wilcon template because I bought them from you but since you said you have to have a link, I have spent all night trying to get these uploaded with a subdomain and keep getting the error “[an error occurred while processing this directive]” so it sounds like I have a permission issue with the files I paid for. Please advise on that and tell me how you are supposed to be supporting people that pay to be supported if we have to upload them first before we get them ready. For the Wilon template, I want the area to be bigger where the company name, address, tn, etc. is at and I need the logo to be on the left. Everytime I try to do it I hit issues. Please tell me what has to be changed. It is the pt-4 pb-5 container at the top. I have been trying to get this answer for a week now.

Hi @trish

an error occurred while processing this directive - That’s definitely not the case, HTML templates do not have such rights, most probably you are not correctly uploading it on the server, would be better if you share some screenshot, only with that message I can’t identify what the problem, but im sure its not the file permission issue after the purchase

Regarding other issues, I need to see them

I got the issue fixed from the error. I did upload it correctly but there was an issue the hosting provider had to fix. I have a couple of ?s.

The area at the top where the logo is, I needed to increase this area however in doing so it caused the tool bar to get out of place and changed the font of the Company name from the bold and black color. I need to make the logo and all the font in that section bigger but need the tool bar back where it belongs. It moved up into the section I expanded. This is my biggest issue.

Also, about half way down the page, where the picture is to the left of the video, I want to turn this into a slideshow with about 5 pictures.



Hi there

You may resize logo image or simple use this css code:

a.big-logo img {
width: 35%;

  1. Well, this is possible but it will require customization work, you have to add this yourself

35% makes the logo smaller than I have it now. If I go above 35% it messes up the navigation bar like shown in the url I sent. I need to know how to fix the navigation bar when making the logo bigger than 35%.


Hi Trish

Sorry but there is no more physical room in the template to hold such a big logo and other content

I don’t understand why there isn’t room. I didn’t even use all the sections i.e. I removed the blog. I think it would work to make it bigger if we adjusted the tool bar so it wouldn’t be out of place.

Hi Trish

Talking is not about the menu, it’s about the space above the menu: Screenshot by Lightshot you need to make your logo a little bit less