Winter - few bugs

Hi, we have just purchased the Winter theme and have noticed a few issues even on the preview version of the site.

  1. On the shopping cart page (cart.html), clicking the increment or decrement button on any item seems to change the number for all other items on the page.

  2. On the checkout page (checkout.html), typing into any form field that’s marked as required, and then clicking elsewhere, causes the entered value as well as the placeholder text to both appear at the same time, making the field unreadable.

  3. Also on the checkout page, it is not possible to click on a form field if your mouse is hovered over the placeholder text when a field is marked as required. You must move the mouse into a blank space in the field to be able to click on it.

How can we get these issues resolved?


hi there

This is just an HTML template, without JS and php so all mentioned questions by you will not work by default, you have to implement such features in the theme, it’s not intended to do such things because this is only frontend, template for a future project

But it does come with JS, otherwise the increment/decrement would not even work at all. And the other questions should be solvable with CSS. I don’t understand why this becomes our problem to fix? The issues I mentioned all happen with the preview template as it sits on your server… I didn’t change anything to break it, it already has these bugs from the start.

Hi @bparker,
Thanks for getting back to us.
Unfortunately, I’m afraid that’s the limitation with the HTML templates. This functionalities are can only be implemented by extending the template with PHP functions.
The template comes with only the HTML features and frontend elements to guide you on such functions.
I hope this sheds light on the same.

I’m sorry but I completely disagree. I have already found solutions to all 3 of these bugs without using PHP. The first issue is solved by modifying the included javascript and the other 2 issues are solved with small CSS changes. I just wish I didn’t have to do that myself and that the template could have been fixed, this is why we paid for support.

Hi there

Basically these small bugs can be easily fixed if you have beginner knowledge in HTML and CSS, these are HTML templates everything is in your hand, so if you ever worked with HTML before you can make any changes.

Please note, support is free, you paid for rights to remove the credit from the template, other than this we are providing everything for free, including support :slight_smile: