Wizards Submit button not working

I have downloaded this wizard Colorlib Wizard 4 - Free Course Registration Template 2021 - Colorlib
but the submit button doesn’t work.

This is my implementation:

Do I have to add or modify anything the html, css or js code?

Hi there

Rainer, it’s only a blank HTML template, it does not have PHP file to process the form, you need to implement it yourself, check this link for the tutorial:


thank you for the reply. Is there any link to process the form using python/Django?

I think the finish button is missing the type=“submit” part on it.

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No, there is no such link but you know mentioned programing languages you will be able to implement it

So in a Django application how this wizard should work? It is only compatible with php?


Well, it’s an HTML template, it used to be as a frontend of any other backend programing language, please note programming experience is a very important, without it it’s not possible to achieve

Guys, the submit button doesnt work, is missing some parameters in the css or javascript code and I’m asking for the advice to where I can edit that code. If I click submit button nothing happens. I have experience working with forms but not with wizards and css together.

Help me out!

Hi there

You need a developer to make it work, its only HTML template where form buttons don’t work out of the box, you need to code it to send data and this part is not included in the package, you need a freelancer to make it work