Woo commerce category problem

Friends, I have tried to position my products in the category pages but I cannot get them to occupy the entire page and line up. Is there any Css to solve this?
On the other hand, I have tried to remove the sidebar but have not been successful. Thank you so much for your help


Update: Now I have been able to eliminate the sidebar, however I continue to have problems adapting the size and position of each product. Also, I tried to use a plug in to regenerate the thumbnails but when I enter each product I do not see the image of the same

Hey there

This is how I see it right now: Screenshot by Lightshot looks like you managed to fix this problem?

Hello! I only managed to remove the sidebar by altering woocommerce.php. But:
-The images are out of size
-the products and their titles are not aligned
-in each product is not displayed correctly

Thanks for your time!