WooCommerce Breadcrumbs missing

Hi, normally using WooCommerce it places breadcrumbs above the page title on the shop and products pages, but using your theme Shapely causes them to disappear. How do I make them show up again in your theme?


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we also have breadcrumbs in our demo:

Can i see an example of your product page?

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I turned off the gray Product Title row on my page, but even with it on the breadcrumbs are still missing. Is there anyway to move them out of that row, and have them left-aligned right above the product image (so I can turn the title off again)? (Like this: in the default WooCommerce plugin)

Here’s a product page from my site with the Product Title turned back on:


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In order to change the breadcrumbs, you would have to edit the files in woocommerce:

Another option is to use a third party plugin to add the breadcrumbs:

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That first page you sent only details changing the way breadcrumbs work, or removing them. Nothing about where they’re located on a page, or making them appear on a theme. My problem is that your theme has already removed them from my site.

The plugin you mentioned also does nothing, because like the documentation you linked, focuses only on editing the already existing breadcrumbs. Which your theme has erased/disabled.

How do I make breadcrumbs appear on the theme? Preferably WooCommerce’s default breadcrumbs in the main content area rather than your demo page’s in the title area.

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I’ve enabled header section where breadcrumbs should be appearing but they are not here, have you modified this theme somehow?

No, I have not. Them not appearing is my whole issue.

Following - I’d love the breadcrumbs too :slight_smile:

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In your case here, could you please open a new ticket and provide us with a link to your site as well as some temporary access within it so that we can check into this.

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Hi, is it customization of the theme? I have the original like OP and the same issue, might be easier to post your instructions here for everyone? :slight_smile:

They haven’t given me a solution yet, but I’ve only made edits on a child theme, and the problem persists even when using the un-edited default theme. Hopefully they get back to us with a solution.

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The feature may have gotten disabled.

Please go to shapely/inc/extras.php and locate the extras.php file then look for $breadcrumbs_enabled = false; and change it to true.

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Hi, they still aren’t visible after this fix.

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Please enable temporary access again

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