Woocommerce Checkout Not Working

I’ve just realized that my ‘Checkout’ button has stopped working. I’ve read that this may be an incompatibility with some themes. I’m using Unite with the latest WooCommerce v 3.0.7. Do you know if this could be the case with my site?

UPDATE: I’m not having the problem if I change the theme to the Woocommerce StoreFront theme so it must be something with the Unite theme that Woocommerce doesn’t like.

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This may be a case of incompatibility, but we’ll have to ensure that it’s definitely the theme and not another aspect of your installation that could be fixed easily. With that said, kindly disable all of your third-party plugins and see if this issue still exists.
If it resolves the issue I am going to then ask you to activate the disabled plugins one by one and test the page to see if we can isolate the conflicting plugin if that is the case.

I’m also going to ask that you test the functionality with another theme installed such as the Twenty Seventeen theme and see if the checkout button works.

If it does then I’m going to ask that you report this as a compatibility issue with the latest version of WooCommerce in the GitHub page linked below:


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Thanks for the quick reply. It looks like I have identified a plugin that is causing the problem. Sorry I troubled you before thoroughly checking my plugins.

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That’s okay, I’m glad you got the issue resolved.

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